S1 Small Boat Series 19

After very wet Tuesday Wednesday’s forecast looked better and didn’t disappoint. The first people arrived at the lake just before 10am to a NE wind that was gusting to B rig levels and after repositioning most buoys we got down to a bit of setup and practice.
One foolhardy skipper tried A+ and while it was ok in the lulls the gusts laid it flat. Switching to A rig proved the order of the day and all but one skipper started on A rig (one started on B rig). Racing was preceded by a 5 minute educational slot on rounding marks and giving room.
Wew saw 12 boats racing in good wind and saw some spectacular starts and in one race all boats got away cleanly and in an almost straight line. Practice seems to be providing good fruit.
The race wins went to the normal suspects but Derek, Rocka, David and Dave all showed good bursts of speed and even took the fight to the more experienced skippers. Barry wanted a figure of 8 course, given that worked well last week, and we set a long course that looked more like a bowtie. Guy was at the lake but not sailing due to some broken joints on his TX battery pack so was enlisted as line judge to stop the early starters. Steve was struggling with boat setup issues and now has a bit of work to do to resolve minor issues. There were numerous times when Paul and Barry, and others, struggled with rounding the more distant buoys. Barry even boasting that he’d made a full tour of all racing marks. Roger was fast with his Affinity until a gear failure caused his jib to detach from the deck. Gordon abandoned his B rig and threw caution to the wind and went for A+ and in several late races began to threaten good results but ran out of time after 10 races.
We missed a few skippers who were absent on family duties (holidays) and look forward to a full fleet for next week’s IOM series.
Today was as close to perfect as you can get and a great day was had by all. Everyone sailed well and there were some very close finishes suggesting that everyone is getting better.