Small Yacht Series W3

Firstly, commiserations to both Roger and Cliff our stalwarts who we’re stuck in traffic and couldn’t get to the lake today …you were missed.

However, seven sailors battled the medium to strong winds and together with aggressive choppy waves made tuning difficult to get good boat speed.

Generally, A rigs were used, but a couple used B and Gordon tried A+ sails.

An anticlockwise course was set by acting OOD Paul with one lap except for the last race of two laps; none to a little weed was encountered except for Barry …

Both Guy and Derek struggled at the start of the racing, but with a little tuning and sheer determination improved greatly towards the end of the day, both getting to the front at times.

JT tried several rigs and (lucky for us) didn’t get into the groove today. Peter started slowly but got into the fast mode for the last few races.

Only a point or two separated the top sailors which confirms how tight the racing was today, thankfully it was a clean day with few infringements and good honest hard racing enjoyed by all …the best sort of sailing day.