CMYC Small Yacht Series W1

Eight Skippers attended the lake, Paul was OOD and set out a triangular anti clockwise course of one lap due to the low wind speeds, although race 12 had two laps.

Wind direction ranged from NW to N varying between 2 to 10 mph, creating fickle wind shear conditions, particularly at the windward (1) and leeward (3) buoys.

Starting with this winter series in both small yacht and IOM events, an Observer will oversee the racing. One or more Skippers, will perform this task in turn per race, depending on the number of Skippers and the number of races completed.

From today’s results it will be seen that 1 observer was used for the first 7 races and 2 for races 8 to 11, but race 12 was run without an Observer. This ensures that all skipper share the task equally and hopefully will improves our compliance with the rules of sailing.

We welcomed David Barrows back after a long break, as all skippers were sailing with A+ rigs he would have been at a distinct disadvantage on standard A rig. Paul volunteered his DF65 for David to sail for the event, his performance improving steadily throughout the event and was rewarded with a 2nd in race 9, well done David and Paul.

We thank Barbara and Peter for the Jars of pickled onions that they brought along for sale, with the contributions being donated to the club’s fund.

The circumstances of this were quite amusing, Barbara asked Peter to get a small bag of onions for their usual stock of pickles. Unfortunately, the smallest bag he could find at “Over Farm Shop” was 10kg, just a little more the Barbara had expected. After a plea to friends and neighbours for a quantity of screw cap jars, some members of the CMYC also benefited from Peter’s indulgence.