Small Yacht Series W2 24th October 2018

Again this week, we were blessed with beautiful warm weather, light breezes and blue skies, not often you can be in shirtsleeves this late in October.

Steve, our furthest travelling member covered the 90 miles to the lake and was the first arrival. There’s enthusiasm for you boyo!

He was soon joined by nine other skippers for a spell of tuning and practising on a triangular course – that had been set up by Steve.

Barry was elected OOD. Lunch was taken and racing started at 1.00pm prompt.

We started with 10 boats on the water. The wind was very light and variable, but sufficient to keep the boats moving, provided you kept on top of the shifts.

Any lack of concentration would see you stranded for a while, frustratingly watching the others sailing away from you.

We were joined by three more skippers that arrived during the afternoon, so we completed the day with 13 competitors.

Not a bad number considering the absence of some of our regulars

Because of the conditions races were just one lap in duration, except the last race which Barbara decreed would be two laps.

At the lunch break, a bankside meeting was convened by our starting/finishing referee and scorer.

A discussion took place on the merits of starting the racing a little earlier with the change of the clock this weekend.

The proposal was voted on, and was agreed unanimously to start the racing at 12.30pm through the winter.

It was good to have Ben back in our ranks. Despite being rather second hand following the nasty crash on his mountain bike, he soon got back into the swing of things. The humour and banter had not been knocked out of him even though he was obviously suffering considerable pain……

Thank you to Steve and Barry for running the day. Roger for the results, and to Barbara for scoring, and her invaluable input in keeping order – and the event running smoothly!.


CMYC Small Yacht Series W2 24th October 2018

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