Small Boat Series W1 10 Oct 18

Please find attached the results for today’s first event of the “Small Yacht” Winter series.

Members arrived to find light winds and bright, warm sunshine. The course was set and the usual weed recovery done so set and trimming started.

And relaxed lunch was taken, looking out over the lake and the wind seemed to be building.

Racing started a little late, as I had to retrieve my yacht from an island (intermittent power fault) and change my yacht.

Two laps of a rectangular course, provided a challenge to all at some point, especially buoy 4.

The wind strength, continued to increase and things were looking like it was too much for A rigs but they were still marginally quicker than the B rig.

A brief coffee break was taken after 5 races and 8 races were completed by 3pm but most agreed to complete 10 for the day, as conditions were good.

Once again Paul B needs a Big “Thank You” for his work sorting the course and weeding activities.

Roger P did a good job as Race Officer and compiling the results (He has definitely got the job – one committee member sorted?).

And Barbara did a sterling job, trying to keep track of the number of laps and finishing order with the choppy conditions.

With the “Chop” also came some “transient” weed but nowhere near as bad as it was previously.

Finally, Peter Highton, Brian Tanner and Colin English have either, just completed or are in the process of completing the membership paperwork, having been “Guests” with us recently.

So our numbers are still growing nicely, with a reasonable turnout at the Midweek sessions (which many clubs would like to see happen at their establishments), just need to find a way to “kick start” the Saturday sailing again ?

CMYC Small Yacht Series W1 10th October 2018

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