CMYC Small Yachts W8 16/1/19

Eight skippers were on the water, under a sunny blue sky, preparing for the afternoons racing, some on ‘B’ rigs the rest on ‘A’ rigs.

A difficult decision, as the forecast was for an easing wind going from west to more northerly but was very squally up ’til lunchtime.

Lunch was taken, then a decision was made to delay the start to allow a heavy shower to pass through.

After the storm passed through the squalls subsided and the wind settled to a steady westerley – but this was not to last!

Unfortunately as soon as the boats went on the water, Colins winch failed so he had to retire for the day, leaving just seven to compete..

As racing progressed the sky clouded over and the wind turned from west to north, reducing in speed as it went.

This produced some very difficult sailing conditions, with the normal wind shadow from the hedge and it’s associated swirls and eddys.

The changing conditions necessitated 3 course changes during the afternoon, this added to the fun – and briefly, the confusion for some!

Indeed conditions were so different to the start of proceedings, sail changes were made by some from ‘B’ rig through to ‘A+’

However the racing was close and most enjoyable with a variety of winners.

It was notable how much Derek struggled to begin with, but after some adjustments to his sail settings and advice from a couple of our number he stayed in the main fleet for the rest of the afternoon. I’m sure with his full size knowledge, and a bit more stick time he’ll soon be at the front of the fleet.

As OOD for the day I appreciated that all racing was carried out in a good humoured sporting manner, with absolutely no whinging or complaints.

All day, there were only a couple incidents that required a penalty turn – and these were taken voluntarily and promptly. Just like it should be !!

Thank you to Barbara for noting the scores and Roger for the results

Upon conclusion of the racing, five members stayed on in improving conditions, continuing with informal racing until 4.45pm.

We only stopped sailing then because non of us had navigation lights fitted on our boats Wink.

Regards to all,


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