CMYC Small Yacht Series W10 13th February 2019

Wonderful days sailing with fourteen assorted boats, Affinity’s, Dragons, Graupner, Fiesta and 3D printed hull of John Taylor .

Paul kindly arrived early and reset the buoys that had blown to the corner of the lake following the recent storms .

Barry acted as OD and set a large course using the new buoys , with a good 8 to 12 mph SSW wind with a long windward leg , the lead and winners changed many times making it crucial to choose the right tack to the windward mark .

It was good to see new faces mixing it with the old hands and giving them a run for their money . Congratulations must go to Roca, Derrick and Tony on their performance, Bill remained determined and finished better towards the end of the day .

Affinity’s seemed to favour the stronger wind and were sailed well by both Cliff and Roger, Gordon struggled with the over powered Fiesta, John had problems with his jib snagging .

Thanks once again to Barbara for scoring and keeping us in order.


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