S2 Small Boats 19

What a mixed up weather, wind and models day. Good to see Ben back at the lake looking well and sailing again.

Nine boats including Affinity, Graupner, Dragon and Micro Magic took to the water at different stages and racing took place in an anticlockwise course over one lap. The buoys were originally set for a clockwise course but after a heavy rain shower and massive shift of wind direction we started the other side of the start line using the same buoys but the other way around. Mainly “A” sails were used, but after much bank side discussion, JT reduced to “B” sails after the wind increased and the majority of boats were overpowered and out of control at times.
Gordon lost or forgot to seal the drain hole in his Affinity and reduced the lake water level in the process, Peter was going well in his Tango coloured dragon.
The races extended to twelve heats after the rain stopped with two laps on the final race. Despite moaning about the wet conditions and wind gusting the usual core sailors who made the effort and enjoyed a brilliant days racing…. be good to see fair weather sailors in the future.
Thanks to Paul for sorting, placing and retrieving the buoys in the wind and rain and Barbara for keeping