9th June 2018 @ CMYC

Evening All,

Well today was certainly a day of two halves, on many levels. Having left home unsure of whether shorts were the order of the day, I was glad that I chose long but Steve had opted for shorts and had to wait until lunchtime before he was rewarded. But Cliff and Roger P were then wishing they had packed the shorts.

The weed also had a day of two halves, in the morning it was a case of dodging the weed patches, otherwise you could get stranded and watch the others sail by. Then in the afternoon (once the CSC junior training sessions took to the water), the lottery of “transient” weed become a guaranteed win for all, the question was how much could you win. And Ben’s run of luck with the weed continued into the afternoon although others tried to out do him.

The Easterly wind, swung more northerly and southerly at regular intervals, with the odd “no wind” period for good measure.

All in All, everyone was kept on their toes, in order to maximise the progress around the course.

Five members took to the water for the IOM event, in the morning. And everyone had at least one win, and all were affected by the patches of weed, at some point. Some closely fought contests took place within a fair and friendly environment so even with the sun missing, a good morning was had by all.

During lunch, the numbers were fiddled

1st – Kevin – 12pts

2nd – Roger P – 21pts

3rd – Cliff – 22pts

4th – Ben – 29pts

5th – Steve – 31pts

A quick course change for the “Small Yacht” event, and the sun shining, all was ready for the afternoon.

Bob C and Peter H, joined us for the afternoon session, unfortunately Peter had forgotten his yacht so shared with Bob ( so we will have to wait a little longer before we see Peter’s legendry Fiesta). As all were sailing ’65’ class yachts, no handicap was required. And the session begun.

The wind eased and the course was changed twice and the weed won the day.

On processing the results, it become clear the Graupner GR65 with the A+ sail set, is hard to catch once it gets going.

1st – Cliff – 13pts

2nd – Steve – 20pts

3rd – Kevin – 20pts

4th – Roger P – 22pts

5th – Bob – 35pts

6th – Ben – 38pts

So a day of two halves, on many levels but an enjoyable day, never the less. Hopefully a few more will be available for the next weekend event on the 23rd June 2018.

Otherwise, hopefully I will see you on Wednesday, 13th June 2018, for the next “midweek” IOM event, with as much “Social” sailing as you can fit in.

Kind regards