6th June 2018 @CMYC

Hi All,

Firstly, I would like to take a moment to welcome Guy Rooker, as our latest “New” member. Guy could not make it today but hopes to join us in the very near future and hopes someone will be available to assist with setting up his DF65.

Then I would like to say how nice it was to see Mike Norman and Martin Jackson at the lake today. The warm weather is certainly drawing out “New” and “Old” members, alike, so may be, we will see some of the others over the coming weeks.

The weather was much better than forecast so all looked good for a day out at the lake.

The first members started to arrive around 10am, with the final members leaving around 6:30pm.

Thanks go to Barry and Steve, who with the assistance from Paul, took control of the day (setting the course, etc. and running the races) – all went smoothly so thank you.

Transient weed was not as apparent as last week but patches of “Broad leaf” weed have started to reach the surface and wait to trap the unfortunate skipper – changing their fortunes in the race.

As the fleet was made up of RG and DF65’s with 1 – Fiesta, all started together (no handicapping needed).

Initially 2 laps were completed but with changing wind strength and long race times, the races reduced to single laps rather than reset the course. 10 races were completed with a break after 5 to take on fluids.

After completing the “adding up”, the results were

1st – Kevin – 23pts

2nd – John T – 23pts

3rd – Barry – 24pts

4th – Paul B – 25pts

5th – Steve – 30pts

6th – Roger P – 33pts

7th – Cliff – 37pts

8th – Tony – 46pts

Following the “bankside” discussions, last week, things appeared calmer so hopefully things will ease further over the next few weeks.

A couple of questions have arisen around the midweek “Small yacht” series which will need some consideration, should we run more midweek sessions for “Small yachts” as more members have them as their prime yacht ? (currently 1 event in 4 weeks) and should the start time be changed to 1pm or should there be “coaching” at 1pm and racing at 2pm, to ease new members into sailing ?

This is for you, the members, to decide ?

I will send out an “update” email shortly, to cover the other matters arising of late.

Finally, several members are currently on holiday, at the moment, and some could be double booked this weekend so could you let me know if you are planning to attend this Saturday’s event (10am IOM and 2pm “Small yachts”). This will help gauge attendance and whether sufficient numbers will be present to hold the racing.

Hope to see to on Saturday, if not then next Wednesday for the IOM event at 2pm.

Kind regards


PS. The black chair in the cupboard is Martin’s, who is aware and plans to collect it on his next visit.