29th August 2018 @ CMYC

Members started arriving around 10am and the final members departed around 6.30pm.

After the social sailing and trading set up and course tips, a quick lunch was taken and the racing commenced.

With light North / North West wind and a big shadow from the trees and bank, the 2 laps of the rectangle course was a slow affair, even for those with A+ sails. A handicap was set to level the different sail sizes but a couple of “professionals” took the advantage but finally fell foul of the weed situation and patchy wind shift. As time seemed to be passing and yachts seem to be going slower, 2 laps become 1 and coffee was taken whilst the boat drifted between marks (only joking) , a coffee break was taken with the hope the wind strength would improve. Unfortunately the wind strength remained light but all agreed to try a couple more races to make the event count for the series.

ResultsCMYC Small Yacht Series 29 August 2018