26th May 2018 @ CMYC

Hi All,

I could probably fill this report about my day (at the lake, back home, back to the lake, etc. go home) but will focus on the enjoyable day the other members had fighting with gusts and weed.

9am saw the first members arriving at the lake to set up ready for the start of the IOM event.

By 10am, 6 IOM’s and 8 members were ready, for the 4th round of the Summer series (then I had to leave and Barbara took over the helm of “31”).

With a NNE to NE wind direction, of varying strength and a clockwise course, what could go wrong ?

The answer – nothing but just when you thought you had a break on the others, the wind would gust or worse ease and the fleet would be back together again. Everyone had a couple of wins and Roger was the only skipper not to finish in last place, in any race, but made sure all the buoys were firmly anchored in place. Steve helmed “160” for a few races and I returned to finish the last few races at the helm of “31”.

Once the Maths was completed, the skippers ended up as follows

1st – Cliff – 24pts (with Steve’s help)

2nd – Roger P – 28pts

3rd – Peter P – 30pts

4th – Ben – 35pts

5th – Gordon – 38pts

6th – Barbara and Kevin (I only hindered Barbara’s sterling effort in tricky conditions)

The break for lunch and a quick course change, saw the start of the “Small Yacht” event, with 3 – Micro Magic’s, 2 – DF65’s and 3 – RG65’s. The wind direction had shifted NE to ENE and the gusts had picked up, making for very tricky conditions, with all yachts fitted with “A” rigs. 30sec start advantage was set for the MM’s but it soon become clear that the MM’s were not going to last the event (even with some valiant efforts from the skippers). Bob C attempted to sail his RG65 and decided that the conditions were well above the “A” rig so retired early. But 4 of the 65’s lasted a 10 race sequences.

1st – Cliff – 10pts

2nd – Steve – 18pts

3rd – Roger P – 20pts

4th – Ben – 23pts

WELL DONE – Cliff (your “pig” must be happier now !)

Both Andrew and Jack, spent time in the afternoon putting their IOM’s through their paces but spent more time changing between “A” and “B” rigs but all good practice.

The CSC “family fun day”, seemed to be well attended, generating a passing interest in the little yachts and most where impressed that the set up with course board, countdown timer, result recording and “Rules” were similar to the dinghy set up (not just “Old” people, twiddling their thumbs). Word is getting about and we have a great base to build on so lets keep this momentum and see if we can regularly sail fleets of 12 or more yachts, on the various events we hold.

Another “New” member (Guy Rooker) is in the process of submitting the paperwork, etc. so we should soon have 28 full and 1 junior members (and I have been informed an order for 3 – DF65’s is being placed Tuesday by CSC members who are keen to get involved so we could soon be breaking the “30” barrier, with a strong “Small Yacht” fleet).

Transient weed had an impact again today so I feel time is approaching when we will be forced into trying to address the issue.

Peter P and Barbara, have donated a tarpaulin and some rope to be used to cover the “Rescue Boat”, this winter, as the current cover is now breaking up and needs to be replaced. Thank you very much.

Eight members have now placed orders for Polo shirts and /or caps so I will be placing the order after the Bank Holiday Monday. If you wish to add your order then please get in touch.

What a difference a year makes !!! On the whole things must be going in the right direction and we must continue to promote our friendly, all inclusive group whenever we can.

Next Event will be on Wednesday 30th May 2018, with “Midweek IOM” starting at 2pm.

Hope to see you soon