23rd May 2018 @ CMYC

Good Afternoon All,

Well what a difference a day makes to the weather, the grey damp view from the window is very much removed from the weather we experienced yesterday @ the lake, warm, dry, good breeze and wall to wall sunshine.

Many have asked why the “Summer” calendar has a “Social” sailing day still, as organised race days are their preferred option. Well yesterday is  a good example of why “Social” sailing is still in  the programme, it is an opportunity to interact with each other, in a relaxed environment without the focus on our performance during a race. A chance to discuss anything that would otherwise be overlooked, new yachts, set up and trimming, “How do I do That ?”, club politics and developments and above all a chance to introduce potential new members to sailing (time for coaching and guidance, away from the race format) and promote what CMYC has to offer.

Yesterday, we had four guests from the local U3A – model boat section (some of our members are also members of U3A) and they were keen to see what the others have been up to. Jim, Drew, Ian and his good lady visited in the afternoon, to enjoy the sunshine and try out some of our yachts. They are mainly into powered boats (especially steam powered) but have an interest in anything that floats so a good afternoon was enjoyed (Ian’s schooner was good to see on the water). An excellent PR opportunity and a good “word by mouth” advertising opportunity. I have said that they are welcome to return or get in contact for further information, when they are ready. I am sure some of their modelling knowledge could be useful with our yachts.

Also Guy, returned following his visit the week before, to seek out some more information on yacht sizes and prices. He had further exposure to both IOM and DF65 yachts and seems keen to get involved. His internet search, so far, has confused him so hopefully I have not added to his confusion. I have suggested that he visits again before buying, to confirm the best option to suit his requirements.

The “Small” yacht series seems to be developing with some alternative yachts appearing and some members opting to acquire a new DF65 (which are reasonably priced at £160, delivered to your door, from Mike Weston @ RC Yachts ) even David Wilkinson has been bitten with his recent success with his “Footy” and got himself a DF65 for the next midweek “Small” Yacht event.

Yesterday, the members starting arriving at the lake from mid morning and the final members departed at 7pm, in all, 11 members made an appearance.

With all the recent warm weather and increased activity at CSC, transient weed is becoming a problem and may need us to take some action. What the action should be is a debate that needs to be had, as cutting the weed only increases the number of plants in the water and removal is what is required. A large rake on a rope, positioned with the rescue boat and pulled back to the shore, seems the a better option but lots of “Weetabix” would be needed to maximise the return !

Whilst I was moving the buoys yesterday, the amount of growth is noticeable, and some action will be required as “dye” alone is not going to improve the situation for our sailing activity. CSC sailing activity will keep the main lake areas clearer as they plough through and break off the weed nearer to the surface but this activity is not happening to the area by the jetty so we will need to try something so we can maintain our sailing programme.

Several members were wearing their polo shirts and caps, yesterday and this was remarked on by the guests.

I have an order started for another batch of polo shirts and caps so if you would like to buy either or both please let me know and I will get the order placed next week (polo shirts are £13 each and caps are £7.50 each). Samples will be at the lake on Saturday, if you would like to see what is on offer before placing your order.

Talking of the weekend, I will be at the lake from 9.30am until early evening on Saturday for the 4th weekend session of the “Summer” calendar (IOM @10am and “Small” Yachts @ 2pm, and as much social sailing, as can be fitted in). The CSC are having their 2nd family fun day “The Big Splash” on the same day as part of the bank holiday 3 days of events so expect there to be lots of activity around the lake this weekend. I have been told “Hot drinks and Cake” are on offer at the clubhouse so a good reason to turn up and promote CMYC and meet the gang.

Let’s hope the sun returns soon.