20th June 2018 @CMYC

Evening All,

With a strong westerly wind (just within the “A” rig limits), the members started to arrive about 10am to free sail and set up for the afternoon event.

There had been limited additional CSC activities since our last event so a lot less “Transient” weed but the rooted stuff is still growing and waiting to trap the unsuspecting skipper.

A good turn out of 15 members made for a busy day, and it is good to see a couple more “new” yachts taking to the water for the first time.

David W tested his DF65 and it shows that the years sailing the “Footy” has stood him well with the DF65, more later in the results.

Guy ventured out with his DF65 and found a few adjustments were required to get him going and some more time on the water to get used to the controls but a good 1st outing.

And Mark ventured out with a GR65 (after Karen had spend much time trying to rig up the sails using the “comprehensive ?” instructions included) but a little time in dry dock and a fresh set eyes, Mark was able to take to the water but water ingress forced him to retire for the day and a little more work to be completed before the next outing. It would appear others were watching closely as they have recently purchased a GR65.

With the course set and 12 yachts assembled, the “Small Yacht” started at the earlier time with some mixed fortunes with the weed and the gusts.

After the sums, the day ended as follows

1st – David W – 14pts Well done !!

2nd – Roger P – 18pts

3rd – John T – 22pts

4th – Barry – 30pts

5th – Peter P – 42pts

6th – Steve – 42pts

7th – Gordon – 50pts

8th – Paul B – 51pts

9th – Tony – 62pts

Four CSC members have received their DF65s and are assembling them at present (Derek joined us in the afternoon to check the set up so far) so we should see our fleet size grow again over the next few weeks.

Our next sailing event is this Saturday, 23rd June 2018, with IOM @10am and “Small Yachts” @ 2pm but there appears to be some diary clashes so if you are planning to attend on Saturday, could you please let me know so I can gauge potential numbers and whether we need to cancel.

Then Wednesday, 27th June 2018, sees the next “Midweek IOM event” starting at 1pm.

Please let me know about Saturday.