18 July Wednesday Small Boat Series

Yesterday’s forecast of SW winds proved correct but the strength and variability of the winds proved testing to say the least. At midday it looked like we’d only have 4 boats on the water but eventually at 1pm we started with 7. Mainly DF65s with an Affinity, and a micromagic just to mix it up a bit.
Racing got underway with an anticlockwise rectangular course and because of the very light wind we decided on just one lap. Some races saw people struggling to get over the startline and the conditions suited those boats with A+ rigs. However, there were periods where the wind got up, and changed direction dramatically, and the boats with A rigs began to handle the conditions better. As always the back draughts and eddys from the bank saw some really weird conditions with boats beating to windward in one direction only to be passed 20ft away by a boat going the other way also beating.
The new DF65 owners, Ted and Guy, continue to gain experience and both showed improving boat speed at times and they will before long start challenging the normal order. It was good to see Garry back from holiday and he’s also challenging for some wins and will do so before long. The simplified results are as follows:
Paul 12
Steve 16
Roger 19
Gordon 28
Garry 32
Guy 44
Ted 52

We have been invited to put on a sailing demonstration on Sunday 19th August during the CSC regatta week and a straw poll of those there yesterday showed universal strong support. The details for the day are to be refined but in an ideal world it would be good to get as many boats as we can on the water for people to try. It would be good to showcase boats with an exhibition race or two.

The pictures from the photosession a few weeks ago are now on the site http://www.cotswoldmodelyachtclub.co.uk/pictures-video/ and if you want copies I have the high quality versions if you want.