15 August Small yacht series

Sounds like most of you had a good time at the lake yesterday, with a sizeable turnout of Members and Guests.

From the attached report from Cliff, it would appear Steve, Peter P and John T were less fortunate than most with weed, servo failure and split hull being cited for retirements.

CSC are in full swing, getting ready for the Regatta and you should know by now that Paul B has been arranging for a CMYC sailing day on Sunday 19th August 2018, as a “have a go” day and build contacts with the CSC membership. Paul B is planning to be at the lake from 10am to 4pm and would like to see as many as possible to join him, with a selection of yachts to show our potential.

The SW district have been looking for a venue to hold an IOM event on the 16th September 2018 and Paul B had asked if we could step in but CSC have a “Comet” open competition that weekend and we are still plagued with weed so unfortunately, we have to say no. If there was enough interest from the membership, may be an event (or 2) could be considered during 2019 but help with the weed and event management on the day would be a must.

With the increase in membership numbers, we are nearing the point where a Committee, etc. will be needed to take the club forward, as it will be too large a task to carry on as we are. So you will need to think of how you think the Committee should be structured ? And what roll you wish to play in the future of the club ? Again we all know each other better now, so will know each others strengths and weaknesses so forming a Committee should be quite a simple affair.

Without further ado, here is Cliff’s report (Thank you Cliff) and attached are the results (Thank you Roger P)

By 12 noon there twenty sailing enthusiasts were at the lake, 15 members and five guests.
It was good to see all the guests on the water, some with their own boats, before the racing started.
Conditions were rather testing as the breeze increased with some vicious gusts as the session progressed.
Most of the time it was at the very top of the range for the ‘A’ suits and the sensible option would have been to change down to the ‘B’ suits for the competition.
However as most skippers were not in a position to do this, all sportingly stayed with their ‘A’ rigs.
The less experienced present elected to not take part in the racing due to the conditions, preferring to wait until they were more practiced in the art!
Therefore 12 skippers took to the water for the start of the racing at 1.00pm.
As has become the norm, a good natured comp ensued with much light hearted banter.
Poor Steve had a frustrating day, despite his undoubted sailing skill, he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was baulked on numerous occasions and for one reason and another, had several DNFs.
John Taylor also had his day spoiled, when his (rather fragile) printed yacht was chopped in two as a result of a start line incident. Fortunately it was a clean break, and John is confident that it will be a straightforward repair. Hopefully his electrics have survived the partial sinking.

Thank you to Barbara for keeping the event moving, watching the line and taking the results.

Social sailing continued until approx 5.30 when the remaining members and guests departed.

I have received a request for some club logoed clothing and there is a minimum order size so if anyone else would like to order a polo shirt (£13 each) or cap (£7.50) please get in touch.

CMYC Small Yacht Series 15 August 2018