12th September 2018 @ CMYC

Morning All,

Please find a report from Paul Barton for yesterday’s sailing event and attached is the result sheet from Roger Prout.

Light northerly winds, low water levels and weed played their part in the event.

On the bright side, the day was warm and dry with a good turn out.

Apparently, the CSC “open ” event this weekend is on so if you are venturing to the lake expect it to be busy with visiting dinghies.

The CSC have their Committee meeting, this evening, so we maybe get some responses to some of our recent communications on feedback, weeding and “Mad March Hare” 2019.

Paul Barton’s report.

The day started at 10am with a few bits of housekeeping on weed issues and laying out racing marks.

The weed issue continues to be a dominant feature of sailing but since we have been removing weed from specific areas within the sailing area by boat we have seen an improvement but it needs constant ongoing attention. It does not deal with the broad leaved weeds. Weed retrieval from the shore has been remarkably effective and although we’ve only just scratched the surface we can already see improved conditions in those areas we have tackled.

Today saw a mixture of DF65, RG65 and Fiesta sailing a rectangular course with clockwise course. The course was subsequently reduced in size by missing out the 4th mark due to weed pick up around the mark.

With 14 people (13 sailing) at the lake it was a good turn out with one new DF65.

Races started just after 1pm (delayed to assist new owners with technical/setup issues). Races were invariably dominated by light Northerly winds and big areas of wind shadow where anything goes regarding wind direction and strength.

Technical issues with his DF65 rudder servo meant Barry had to change to his Fiesta and it showed a good turn of speed in remaining races. Everyone suffered with weed and several boats required assistance to get back to the dock. It is clear that the boats with A+ sails were at a significant advantage in the light winds and the results show that effect clearly.

At about 4pm racing was concluded and a few left the lake while others continued social sailing.

Our first, weekly practice/tuning day took place this week on monday and with 6 people good use was made for fine tuning and informal sailing. We are intending to make this a regular feature on either Monday or Tuesday each week. We will publish which day we will be sailing on Sunday and post to WhatsApp group and email.