1 August Small Yacht series

It would appear that the slightly cooler weather encouraged members to venture to the lake for the scheduled “Mid week Small Yacht” event and below is a report and results sent in by Roger P, Thank you Roger !

A report on today’s event and the results as calculated using the MYA spreadsheet.

The weather was pretty well perfect. wind direction was mainly from the SW varying between S and W, occasional light winds particularly at the start of some of the races

10 members arrived during the morning for a 1 pm start, the course was originally planned to be a anticlockwise rectangle, but due to weed build up
around the 4th mark the course was modified to a triangle. Two laps per race was achieved in all 12 races.

9 boats started but some skippers were forced to retire due to some minor equipment failures as the event progressed.

Barbara recorded the race positions which improved the accuracy of the results particularly with the high level of DNS and DNF for a variety reasons.

Thank you Barbara.

The broad leaf weed caught out a few skippers, the reduced water level made the coverage much more of a challenge (or excuse ), although the level
of transient weed was much less of a problem than of previous meets.

Barry was the winner with a good margin, but the next three were all pretty close, it was a very enjoyable day with good humour and plenty of banter.

After careful analysis of today’s results I have come to the following conclusion …….

Garry’s ploy of asking for clarification of the sailing rules at crucial intervals when you don’t know the answer yourself is a cunning ploy to distract your
concentration while he sails past you………………. I refer to race’s 1, 4, and 9 in particular.

You have been warned 🙂

Well done Garry

Looks like we will have to brace ourselves for some work on the weed once the weather has cooled and members are available again after the summer holiday period. With a hope that the impact in 2019 will be a lot less than 2018.

I have not heard of any plans from the CSC, other than the dye treatment.

Small Yacht Series 1st August 2018