S1 IOM 3 Apr 19

What a brilliant days racing, so full of incidents similar to Formula One Grand Prix. Nine mixed IOMs boats all ages, shapes etc.
Firstly Gordon sailing wrong boat for five minutes before racing and then having gained a large lead stopped dead tangled on a rope on a buoy however he sailed a win later.
Secondly John’s boat partially sunk when challenging rounding a buoy.
Both Roger and Peters Kantun’s we’re showing good speed after last week’s tuning at Portishead.
Barry acted as ODD assisted by a very keen David Smith, set an anti clockwise figure of eight course after many changes and set long reaches and beats out in the lake to make best use of the wind which was masked
by the bank.
Garry showed good pace but faded away and then kindly let John borrow his boat for the last few races ….again good friendly spirit shown by club members.
Poor Peter whilst having a considerable lead missed the gate and fell back five places. Generally two laps were set but reduced to one lap when the wind eased.
Thanks must go to Roger for dutifully working out results and posting these together with the report every week ….thank you Roger, apologies Roger you’ve always done a sterling job for the club.
Cliff was sadly missed because the bank banter lacked his wit and general enthusiasm for the club and hope to see the old un soon.
Derek’s new boat showed promise at times but seems to need some work to get in the mix, Kevin was on the pace throughout the day despite several tangles, weed etc.
Paul was off his usual pace today probably burdened by his admin club role or just slow….

Good to see a lady sailing again, Judy with her beautiful wooden boat which had a good battle with Derek.
Barbara kept scores and thankfully had a long awaited sail …well done and best wishes for you impending eye op this week.
I’m sorry if you feel victimised by ODD monitoring of the racing I tried to be fair and feel generally the input helped rule compliance.