IOM Winter series W1 17 Oct 18

Today was full of surprises. When we arrived at the lake the wind was very very light and switching from SW, NW and finally NE. 
Around midday the wind began to fill in and by 1pm we were seeing relatively steady NE breeze at 3-5kts but plenty to sail in. Cliff set a triangular anti-clockwise course that initially confused a few but it turn out to be a great course with some testing longer legs.

Garry surprised everyone by being first to the windward mark on at least 3 occasions, down to getting clear wind at the start, and he won his first IOM series race. 
Congratulations Garry and in his words  ‘my long walk of shame’ is now truly banished to the history books. Garry’s success is in part down to his willingness to learn and his dedicated practice sailing on the weekly Mon/Tues practice days. Five hours sailing alone, on Tuesday, this week is true dedication and the fruits are obvious; huge credit goes to Barry who helped with boat setup and tuning.
The racing today was among the best we’ve seen and Cliff openly said it was the best days sailing he’s had in many months. Numerous close battles occured on the water today and on at least 2 occasions all boats finished in a few boat lengths of each other; Cliff and Roger had several photo finishes. Weed wasn’t a huge problem today but in light winds even a small bit of weed on the keel or rudder knocks performance and everyone was affected at some time or another.
Results are below.
The CSC are planning a few saturday morning maintenance parties and it would be good for us to ‘lend a hand’ if we can. I’ve asked for details of the dates and times and will forward details when I get them.
CMYC IOM W2 17th October 2018 (2).jpg