IOM winter series 19 Dec.2018

Today provided a welcome rest from the storms of recent days. The lake has benefitted from the rain and is back to its normal winter level. What is noticeable is that the long stemmed broad leaved weed is now dying back and coming to the surface and several times affected today’s results. What is clear is that we need to do another weed retrieval day and the 3 January is looking promising but we’ll confirm that a bit nearer the time once we see how the weather looks.
The racing today was lively and taxing at the same time. Wind shifts and calm patches tested the mettle of the fleet of 10 IOM today. Steve did a great job as Race Officer and Barbara did sterling service recording results. Thanks to Roger for the results. Thank you to Brian for some great pictures (looks more like Summer).

CMYC IOM Yacht Series W6 19-12-18
We had an RC Laser, 10R, numerous DF65 a MicroMagic and 2 new wooden IOMs gracing our normal fleet.
Today was the last of our organised racing days for 2018 and looking back we have seen growth in every area and in particular the Small Boat Fleet. Skipper skill levels are steadily improving and we often see the fleet finishing within a few boat lengths with the lead changing hands several times. As a result of a great year the club is in rude health and looking forward to 2019 we have every reason to believe the growth will continue.
We might sail on New Years Eve so watch WhatsApp for updates. Next racing is 2 January with Small Boats.