CMYC IOM Winter series 5 Dec

Wet, Wet, Wet and i’m not talking about a boy band. Despite a highly doubtful forecast 10 appeared at the lake with 7 IOM. Racing started, in light rain with strong SSW winds, at 1245pm and raced around a large rectangle with 2 laps set. The wind varied from light when the cloudbase lifted to strong when squalls came through. It was a testimony to skipper skill that saw people survive these vicious winds and a few boats got tangled when overpowered. There were a few gear failures and a couple decided discretion was the best part of valour and retired to the caravan.
Despite the wet weather the team decided to press on and eventually we completed 12 races before the light really began to fail. Thank you to Roger for doing the results.
Results below

CMYC IOM Yacht Series W5 05-12-18 (1)