CMYC IOM Series W2

Eight Skippers arrived at the Lake which was initially shrouded in mist and a light E-SE breeze. Paul acted as OOD and set a triangular anti clockwise course of 1 lap, due to the light conditions, although race 10 had 2 laps due to a slight increase in wind speed.
Gradually the mist cleared, the wind direction remained fairly consistent in an Easterly direction but variable in strength, sometimes to just 1 or 2 mph.
Generally racing was weed free, but a few skippers were occasionally hindered. Some races were very close run, particularly to the first buoy and on one race the entire fleet arrived at buoy 3 all together with some excellent sailing skills by everybody, getting around without contact, obstruction or (comment!).
John was the master of the conditions winning 8 of the 12 races. Unfortunately, Cliff had to sit out the last 2 races due to his boat battery giving out and no spare available.
Thanks to Barbara for recording the results and keeping proceedings progressing in an orderly way. A very enjoyable day was had by all and after clearing everything away the last member left around 4:20pm.

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