IOM 8 August series

Following on from yesterday’s CMYC IOM event, Roger P has sent me this brief report and result sheet.

It is good to see a reasonable turn out, even with the seasonal distracts of holidays and “grand parent duties”.

“Noel Adams joined us as a potential new member, although scale model orientated he seemed to warm to the racing side of the activity and expressed a desire to participate, he was invited to attend whenever and to see how that progresses.

Again the weather was near perfect, fairy consistent westerly, initially around 6 to 10 mph, but gusted to around 15 mph plus
as the afternoon progressed. Some overpowering of the A rigs did occur but not for long enough to warrant changing to B rigs.

Seven skippers took to the water a little after 1 pm ( extended lunch ) to complete 12 races of two laps, the course was set as a anticlockwise triangle. The start line was set between the outer start mark and the black and yellow boundary marker, this gave us a more into wind start and kept boats from some of the weed build up near first mark and the jetty. The transient weed was still a problem, most boats were affected
to some extent.

The broadleaf was less problematic due to the start line being further out, giving a clear run to the first mark.

Some skippers trying to take advantage of a wind shift to allow a close parallel run with the bank to the first mark gambled with the weed, some lucky / skilled, some not.

John T was the winner by a good margin but the next three were all close, again it was very good enjoyable day.

After deliberately, incorrectly spelling “yatch” in the small yacht sailing series results report for August 1st, to test who actually reads these reports.

Cliff was the only one to spot it.

CMYC IOM S10 Series 8 August 2018