IOM 7th April 2018 @ CMYC

Hi All,

From the outset, it looked as if the weather was against the first weekend of the Summer series events.

But as with all forecasts, things can change for the better or worse, and we had both today.

The forecast rain period was a lot shorter than forecast which was very good but the wind fell away to zero through the course of the morning that was not so good.

But thankfully the wind returned after lunch to make the “Small Yacht” event, very enjoyable.

Five members took to the water for the IOM event, the delayed start, due to the heavy rain, meant that two others were able to join in so seven completed the event.

Light winds meant a single lap of the course was more than enough but even one lap seemed like a lifetime by the time we had managed to get to race 6.

It all turned into a bit of a drifting competition (not the high octane, rear wheel drive, motorsport type ).

Barbara’s photos give you a sense of the pace of things. (see attached pics)

By the end of race 8, it was feared that the only way to retrieve the yachts would be with the “Rescue Boat” so we stopped the event and had lunch.

Cliff set the scene, winning the first 3 races and taking another later on, Kevin managed two wins, with Peter P and Roger P taking the other wins.

Andrew had a good session, with Jack’s yacht and will be one to watch as the series progresses.

The final positions for the first event for the Summer 2018 IOM Weekend Series were

1st – Cliff – 11 points

2nd – Kevin – 15 pts

3rd – Peter P – 22 pts

4th – Roger P – 23 pts

5th – Andrew – 31 pts

6th – Garry

7th – Gordon

After a break for lunch and some prays for some ripples on the water (which seemed to work), the course was set for the “Small Yacht” event.

(Not been involved with a mixed fleet competition before the format was going to be a stab in the dark and modify things as the event progressed)

Bob C and Barry arrived to swell the fleet, and it was decided to all start together and sail the same course to compare yacht performance before setting handicapping.

3 -Micro Magic’s, 3 – RG65’s, 1 – DF65 and 1 – Fiesta took to the water for a set of 17 races.

Although the larger yachts had a slight advantage in performance, there was some very close racing with the Micro Magic’s holding their own against the bigger yachts.

Things may have been different over a two lap course and the handicapping will still need to be reviewed as the series progresses.

Overall, Barry’s Fiesta proved hard to catch once he got to the front (taking 6 wins).

Roger P performed well up to the break, with his RG65 (taking 3 wins) but then changed to his Micro Magic for the second half which wasn’t working so well.

Conversely, Cliff sailed his Micro Magic well in the first half but did not do so well with his RG65 in the second half.

The final positions for the first event for the Summer 2018 “Small Yacht” Weekend series were

1st – Barry (Fiesta) – 28 points

2nd – Kevin (Micro Magic) – 33pts

3rd – Roger P (RG65, MM) – 40pts

4th – Cliff (MM, RG65) – 42pts

5th – Garry (DF65)

6th – Bob (RG65)

7th – Barbara (MM)

8th – Gordon (RG65)

Four of the above will be sailing with the “Sport Yacht Friendly Racing Club” at Portishead today so it will be interesting to hear the feedback from the event (what yachts they choose to sail and how the event is run compared to ours).

This was a great start to the Summer Weekend series, even with a poor weather forecast.

And if the forecast or not sure how the day was going to be run, put you off turning up then please come and experience it for yourself over the forthcoming weekends.

The next event is planned for the 21st April 2018 so there is time locate your yacht and dust it off. Come along and join in.

Not into racing ? Then there is plenty of room and time for “social” sailing, with like minded others.

If you have any ideas or information to develop and improve things then please get in touch.

Until next time.