IOM 4th April 2018 @ CMYC

Good Morning All,

Sorry for the delay with sending the report for yesterday but I was committed to other non boat activities, last night and had to delay this report ( trying to get a pass for Saturday !!! ).

Yesterday, saw the start of the 6 month “Summer Midweek IOM” series with topical April weather, letting us know that winter has not left the area yet but the sunshine will be good when it arrives.

With a very choppy lake, a southerly course was set but the wind and waves wanted to move the course to a more suitable position so we worked with where the buoys finally settled.

Seven members arrived at the lake with the intention to compete, however two (Gordon and Steve) decided they would wait for another day to start their series.

So five OIMs took to the water, fitted with “B” rigs but even than some thought “A” rigs would have been a better choice.

Fourteen brisk races were complete with Steve managing the “Start” and “Finish” lines ( thank you for your help).

Three skippers shared winning with some closely competed races but John T, maintained a better consistency, overall, to take the event with 15 points for the day.

Kevin was second with 22 points.

Cliff and Roger, both had 29 points but Cliff took third with 3 wins.

And Garry took fifth place but we will have to watch him as his performance is improving with each event.

With all the skippers “Wet and Wind swept”, we decided to head homeward at 4pm but the weather did seem to be tempting us to stay, with sunshine and light winds.

It was good to see Graham, at the lake, in between his many overseas business trips and catch up with how things are going.

May be, he will eventually retire and join in with some relaxing sailing, in the near future but it may be too sedate for him.

Finally, this Saturday is the first of the Summer weekend sailings, with a southerly wind forecast and a little rain in the morning but a brighter afternoon ( this is a forecast so all could change ), please try and support this venture into organised weekend sailing.
I hope to facilitate IOM sailing at 10am and “Small Yacht” sailing at 2pm and as much social sailing at all times, as can be fitted into the day.

This format is not finalised so can be tailored to suit the members requirements but we need to start somewhere so hopefully there will be something to entice you to the lake.

Kind regards