IOM 30th May 2018 @ CMYC

Hi All,

Slight delay on issuing this week’s report, as late leaving the lake yesterday (19:15hrs) and home life has caught up with me so a little short on free time to get this completed.

Once again the weather forecast was good, with the forecast rain easing after lunch and the little wind moving from NE towards E through the course of the afternoon.

Ten members arrived to start the Midweek IOM event and as we were packing up, Andy appeared to test his refurbished “Triple Crown” whilst help was still at hand.

The course was set away from the bank, to remove some of the wind shadow affect close to shore which eased as the wind moved eastward.

It some become apparent that the only winner of the day was going to be the “transient weed” from all the activity that  the lake has seen over recent days with the “Bank Holiday” and “Half term” CSC programmes getting into full swing (I can not recall it being like this last year).

After a delayed start, to retrieve “wayward” yachts, drifting helplessly towards the middle of the lake and through the “CSC Junior training sessions”, things got underway.

A break for coffee after 5 races and then a suspension after 7 races, as the battle against the weed made sailing a lottery of luck instead of ability and skill.

The opportunity was taken to have a “Bankside” discussion to table “perceived issues” and possible solutions, as there has been some unrest recently. Hopefully this has cleared the air, a little and work can continue to build the club and its activities.

The results for the day ended as follows

John T – 16pts

Barry – 29pts

Paul – 31pts

Kevin – 31pts

Roger P – 37pts

Cliff – 41pts

Steve – 42pts

Gordon – 47pts

Garry – 50pts.

CSC were out adding the dye to the water, as we were packing up but I feel this is a little late, as the weed is already near the surface in many places so the dye has very limited benefit now.

Solutions to the weed issues wanted, so please put on the thinking caps ! Failing, some work by us, the Summer series may need to be suspended until the situation is resolved.

Next event will be Mid week “Small Yacht” on Wednesday 6th June 2018.