IOM 2nd May 2018 @CMYC

The 7 members who ignored the many poor weather forecasts benefitted from an amazing afternoon of sailing with variable wind and sunshine.

So good that 4 members finally departed the lake for home at 18:30hrs and could have stayed longer but the temperature had started to fall.

It was good to see Gordon, refreshed from his recent holiday, and Garry having rushed back from London to join the sailing at the 2pm start time, now the evenings are lighter.

A more relaxed start to the day, meant the rain could pass and setting up and tuning then took place before a break for lunch.

12 races were completed for this event with several skippers taking 1st places, and some tight contests within the fleet to keep things interesting.

With the wind slowly shifting Northward and with varying strength, you were certainly kept on your toes.

Once the maths was completed, the results were

1st – Kevin – 13 points

2nd – Paul B – 16pts

3rd – Roger P – 28pts

4th – John T – 28pts

5th – Cliff – 34pts

6th – Gordon – 44pts

7th – Garry – 57pts

Lets hope the warmer weather has arrived, at last. The next event will be the Summer Midweek “Small Yacht” # 2, on the 9th May 2018, with a 2pm start.

And then the next Summer Weekend event is on 12th May 2018 (reminder – I am not around for this event ).

Until next time.