IOM 27th June 2018 @ CMYC

Evening All,

Cliff has sent me this report on today’s activities for circulation

Edward, a skipper who is joining us from the CSC, was already at the lake early trying his newly assembled Dragon Force 65 V6.
Some time was spent with him improving the set up of his radio and sail trim. He was very pleased with it’s performance.

Another seven members arrived with their IOMs during the morning, ready for the off at 1.00pm.

We were pleased to welcome the presence of a photographer from the local press who came along and took many photos of our activities and showed a great interest in the racing. This is for an article that is being run on ”what people do on nice summer days”. He took a few details but did not want any editorial. However he did suggest that if the article generated any interest, he would be back to do a more detailed report.

Hopefully, from our point of view, it may expose us to a wider audience and bring in some extra local interest.

Although numbers were lower than has been normal, a day of good close racing was enjoyed by those present. (Despite the weed lottery!!)

Social sailing continued following completion of the racing. The final members departed just before 7.00pm.

The results:

1st 22 John 14 points

2nd 08 Paul 16

3rd 160 Cliff 18

4th 12 Barry 22

5th 35 Roger P 31

6th 34 Gordon 34

7th 18 Andy 54

I also understand Roger P has tested his version of a weed rake with some success so this is something to be programmed in for a cooler day. Paul B has also fabricated a version of a weed rake and is keen to try it in the near future.

The next planned event is “Small Yachts” next Wednesday 4th July 2018. with a 1pm start. The weather forecast is still looking good next so another sun screen day to look forward to.

Until next time.