IOM 18th April 2018 @ CMYC

Hi All,

The weather forecast did not let us down and was very much as predicted, warm with a stiff wind from the SW moving to SSE through the course of the afternoon.

Paul B took control of much of the day, with a “meet and greet” session, to introduce Andrew Short and David Baker to the club and its facilities. And then onto organising the IOM event. Thank you Paul, much appreciated.

Check out the pictures by Karen Collier below. Many thanks Karen.

A good turn out of 12 members and 2 guests, set the scene for the start for the first warm day of the year.

After some “social” sailing and tinkering time, most members took lunch.

The second midweek IOM event, saw 11 – IOMs take to the water, with some tricky “port and starboard” encounters causing concerns and disrupting proceeding.

Sorry to appear condescending but if the yacht is sailing into the wind and is travelling to the right – it is on a PORT tack. And if the yacht is travelling left – it is on a STARBOARD tack.

A yacht on a port tack has no “rights” over a yacht on a starboard tack and therefore should give way, regardless of where on the course they are (start line, travelling to the first buoy or turning around the buoy).

If the starboard yacht is hit or has to alter course, the port yacht should complete a 360 turn, in clear water, away from the racing fleet.

Lecture over.

Six races of two anticlockwise laps of a triangle course were completed, with a mix of winners before a break for coffee and fine tuning. Then another six races of a more Easterly course were completed to finish the event.

Unfortunately a couple of yachts had to retire before the end of the session but earlier performance helped maintain overall scores.

Once again, there were some tight scores with a two way “count back” being required to decide first place.

1st – Cliff – 21 points (2 wins)

2nd – Kevin – 21 points (1 win)

3rd – John T – 22pts

4th – Paul B – 30pts

5th – Roger P – 44pts

6th – Peter P – 46pts

7th – Steve – 49pts

8th – Roger S – 52pts

9th – Garry

10th – Gordon

11th – Andrew Short