IOM 13th June 2018 @ CMYC

Evening All,

I recall a story from my childhood (I know it was a long time ago and I may recall something misleading) where a small boy asked for “a little more”, today I think most members were asking for a little less (expect Cliff, there’s always one, isn’t there).

The cooler weather front certainly arrived, with a good breeze from a westerly direction (something we have not had for a couple of months now) but this then reversed the tide and the “transient” weed came back “en-masse” causing problems for most skippers during most races, thus becoming frustrating at the very best.

A brief discussion on options for the weed situation was unable to concluded on one solution as we have two issues, the “transient” weed (that which floats into the area) and the static weed (that which has grown to the surface and rooted in the bottom of the lake) and therefore at least two approaches would be required. I believe that CSC are going to be discussing this also and are looking to set up a focus group to coordinate activities. CSC has their committee meeting this week so hopefully we will hear something soon.

Most members were at the lake before noon, setting up and getting ready for the 2pm start and having lunch, etc. This raised the question of the start time. It was felt that the start time should be changed to 1pm and it was agreed, by those present, that the midweek start time will change to 1pm for all further events in the “Summer” calendar.

It has also been agreed that the “Social” sailing only days will change to hold a “Small Yacht” event, starting at 1pm to cater for the increase in the interest of these classes of yachts. So the “Summer” calendar will change to reflect this also.

11 members attended the lake today, with 10 – IOMs taking to the water for a part if not all of the sailing event, with 8 completing all 10 races (Mark started the session and withdrew after a couple of races, Bob took part during the latter part of the session but struggled with the weed whilst sporting the “B” rig).

During the races and between each race, a “pit stop” was required to remove weed from fins and / or rudders. And this weed made yacht handling difficult during the gusts.

As you will see from the results, Cliff’s pig is much better and his “purple” patch is continuing from the weekend (Both flying and sailing)

1st – Cliff – 17pts

2nd – John T – 22pts

3rd – Paul B – 28pts

4th – Kevin – 29pts

5th – Barry – 29pts

6th – Peter P – 39pts

7th – Roger P – 43pts

8th – Steve – 43pts

Well done Cliff, especially with the difficult sailing conditions.

Also “Thanks” go to Paul B, for taking on the organisation of the day.

The 11th member, at the lake was, our newest member, Guy with his DF65 looking for some guidance on the set up of the electrics and radio equipment but conditions were not the best to get the yacht on the water so we will have to wait until next time for its launch.

The next calendar date is next Wednesday, 20th June 2018, for “Social” sailing and “Small Yacht” at 1pm so hopefully we will see a number of newer faces with their recently purchased yachts, swelling the fleet numbers.

Kind regards