CMYC, only holds your name, address, telephone number and email address for the purpose of communicating with you about CMYC activities. And for those who are members of the MYA, CMYC acts as an agent to the MYA for communication and annual fees collection and as such are governed by the MYA policies.

The personal details are not passed to any other third party.

The personal details are passed to other CMYC members, for communication purposes but in written form not electronically, and any group emails are circulated with an “Undisclosed Recipient” list so not viewed by others.

The information you pass to CSC is governed by their policies.

Finally, as CMYC is a group of individuals who gather at a lake, the CMYC is exempt from the data protection guidance but your information is treated as if CMYC was a club with a constitution and committee (something that was not put in place when CMYC become a stand alone group from the CSC and it was agreed to continue “as is” at the general meeting in October 2017).10