IOM W1 9 Oct 19

A good natured competition for the first round of the winter IOM series, was enjoyed by seven members at the lake today. The standard “westerly” course was set up, with a start line square to the jetty.
Then beating to the number one buoy on an anticlockwise triangle. Then
reaching to a spreader before turning to port for the run to the leeward gate. All races were over two laps.
There was no OOD appointed, the day was run jointly by those present.
Following the racing which was over ten rounds, most skippers stayed on to
continue racing on an informal basis. Andy was a late arrival and was able to join in. Unfortunately, not for long as a nasty squall passed through, and as no one felt changing down to a ‘B’ suit was justified at this time.
Proceedings were concluded and the day finished at approx 5.15pm.