CMYC Small Yacht Series W2

Another cracking day at the lake today. Unseasonably warm weather had skippers discarding their jackets for the ten races in the (generally) westerly breeze.
The course was the same as we’ve had for the past two sessions. Again, no specific OOD was appointed, but we did have a permanent observer. Unfortunately for him, Gordon turned up with the wrong boat – his IOM.
So, he volunteered to keep an eye on proceedings, watching the line and calling any indiscretions during the races. This enabled all skippers to sail each round without having to come off the water to observe.
Sailing was not easy today as the wind was incredibly flukey. The shifts were changing very severely and rapidly, sometimes twice over a couple of yards. Despite this, the racing was very close for the most part and conducted in good spirit. Combined with the noticeable lack of weed, the socialising and humour added to the enjoyment of the day. (As did the airshow with the American heavy metal departing the nearby airbase).
Thanks to Barbara for taking the scores and Roger for producing the results.