CMYC Small Yacht Series S8

What a day of dynamic racing by the twelve lucky sailors, who enjoyed a wonderful days competitive sailing. After several rule infringements took place early on.

Cliff stepped up to the mark and set an anti clockwise large course over two laps with long beats and runs in the 3 to 11 mph wind, with smaller amounts of weeds affecting the results making good tuning very important.

Good to see several of the original club sailors enjoying the day especially Bob and David albeit at a disadvantage with their A rigs but still showing the rest of us they have still got fire in their belly and mixing it with the newbies. Derek and Tony with the same rig disadvantage sailed very well.

Gordon had a couple of “see how to do it” races and shot away to win , generally it was obvious that the standard of racing is much better than even three months ago with better boat control and speed.

Well done to Paul for weed clearance which showed that the effort was worthwhile with much less weed evident.

After sailing, a committee meeting took place in the now water tight club caravan.

Several stalwart members were away on holiday etc and we look forward to seeing all club members next week and personally I wish to thank every one for a magnificent, sunny days sailing enjoyment.