CMYC Small Yacht Series S7

Today started out warm and got hotter as the day went on. The first early birds arrived around 1030am and got on with setting up boats and setting out a simple 4 mark course, shortened from the normal with the anticipation of light winds.

The very healthy 12 boat fleet started racing at 1pm and managed 11 single lap races and a longer 2 lap final race. The NE wind was light and variable and was frequently punctuated with large calm spells as thermals drifted through. The skippers spent much of the time waiting for the wind to fill in from all sorts of different directions and no two races were the same. With the variable winds it was almost inevitable that the windward mark was very busy at times and saw several rule infringements. The self declaration of infringements worked reasonably well and we saw good close racing throughout most of the day.

It was great to see Steve, who escaped from Wales for the day, and it’s only a shame that he seemed to pick up more weed than most. Garry was frequently going well from the start and unfortunately was thwarted by the wind disappearing without warning. It was good to see Ben Hollis, a new member, fast straight out of the box and he’s clearly going to help us lift our game in the weeks to come. The honours for the day were well spread out among the usual suspects including one race where Gordon got clear away from all the fleet and showed us how it is done. We concluded racing at around 3.30pm and people headed home after a great, if testing days sailing. Next week sees the next IOM race in our summer series. We reluctantly took the decision to postpone weeding until Thursday next week.

Thank you to Barbara for doing the results sheet and keeping us all in check.