CMYC Small Yacht Series S11

Eleven sailors turned up to a wonderful days sailing, with very high wind forecast most started with B rigs, some with A rigs and a few with A+ because they didn’t look at the predicted wind or simply brought the wrong boat.

The wind whilst generally strong was very fickle in direction and strength, ranging from force 2 to 6 in the strongest gusts causing many impressions of submarines during the long run in the figure of eight course set by Rocka officer of the day.

Special mention as follows …

Andy after his late arrival sailed Cliff’s boat to win his first race after Cliff had given up, so well done and congratulations Andy.

Guy for perseverance with his boat and voted the keenest sailor today, please keep going Guy.

Roger for trying to row with only one oar after letting the other oar slip over the side of the rescue boat and for once doing his penalty turns, only joking Roger and thank you for your hidden hard work for the club.

Rocka left to last because he went so well and sailed very fast for most of the day and fair, possibly because he was so far in front.

Weed was a problem some times for several sailors, Steve despite his welcome visit failed to catch much today leaving this to Barry.

Several sailors stopped on to 5.30 to enjoy the strong wind with informal racing.

Well done everyone for a fair days sailing with the strong wind and good wishes to Barbara who was missed today due to a medical appointment.