CMYC Small Yacht Series S10

After a very wet and windy few days the outlook for today’s sailing didn’t look too good. However, the rain cleared through as forecast and picked up so that when we started racing at 1pm we were at the top end of A rig. The gusts that came through on top of that pushed everyone out of control increasingly as the afternoon wore on. The course was set using a long beat up to the top mark and then a short spreader mark before turning for a long downwind leg, that in the gusts had everyone going out of control at times. Turning around a single leeward mark before long beat up to windward finish. The course was modified after a couple of races include a spreader mark to improve the windward leg to the finish. We had 6 people sailing with one visiting Micro Magic which was sailed by Keith to great effect and proving how versatile these little boats can be.

Rocka made a welcome return and showed everyone just how fast he is straight out of the box but missed sparing with Barry. Roger was sailing his new DF65 and getting to grips with the subtle differences from his staple Affinity. Paul was back from holiday with his new DF65, the old one finally having succumbed to cracks, and given the wind strength at times even managed to rip out the eyelet at the top of the sail. Cliff, sailing his Affinity, showed just how fast he is in the higher winds and was frequently challenging for the lead. Guy sailed well and despite a few issues with setup posted some good results.

What is remarkable is that there were many times when all 5 boats were within a few boat lengths and the lead changed many times in each race. Racing was friendly and conduct gentlemanly with penalties duly done without recourse to external policing.

As the winds continued to rise we pulled the plug on racing after 11 races and people went home shortly afterwards.

All in all, we had an outstanding day’s sailing with a great wind and even the hint of some sunshine towards the end. The lesson being don’t give up the idea of sailing just because the forecast doesn’t look great.