CMYC IOM Series S8 10th July 2019

Bright sunshine and 5 to 10 mph south west wind greeted nine sailors today, Paul set an anti-clockwise course using a long beat and long run down to a spreader gate with two laps.

Interestingly the choice and benefit of selecting the right gate varied between laps allowing place changes in the swinging wind. Edward Sailing Cliffs old boat did a sterling job keeping up and improving during the day.
Ben had a full day’s sailing which was good for him and the club, poor Kevin unwittingly collected more weed than anyone and sadly lost many places.
Roger seemed to be going well most the time and Cliff showed good pace at times. Rule observance was generally reasonable but there is still room for improvement. Suncream had to be used in great volume to avoid sun burn.
Because the weed was a problem Paul is organising a weed clearing day tomorrow Thursday 12th, please try and turn up to help if you can.

Several sailors stayed on to enjoy the increasing wind strength and had friendly racing and tuning session.