CMYC IOM Series S13

Nine skippers attended on a perfect sailing day for the final round of the summer series. Fortunately, the weather was much better than had been forecasted. It stayed dry and sunny all day.

We had a steady and consistent breeze from the west which was approaching the top of the ‘A’ suit.

The start line was set at ninety degrees to the jetty, beating to the number one buoy on an anticlockwise triangle. Then reaching to a spreader before turning to port for the run to the leeward gate. All races were over two laps. Steve acted as OOD.

JT was the master of the conditions to win with a clear lead – thanks to a kind gesture from Edward. John had a gear failure with three rounds to go, Edward had already tired and retired so offered John the AB2 (160) to complete the day. Which he did, maintaining his consistent scores.

Steve made the long trip and sailed well, improving as the day progressed to take two second’s and three wins to complete his day. It was also good to see Andy, who was also able to make one of his rare midweek visits.

Thanks to the weed clearing teams efforts on Monday, there was a notable improvement in the condition of the water. Although there were the occasional snaggings, it was not so severe or frustrating than of late. Following the next weeding session, we should hopefully be well set for a trouble free, winter series.