CMYC IOM Series S10

Eight Skippers arrived at the lake to be greeted with gusty winds ranging from 12 to 20 mph. Initially an overcast sky and threatening rain gradually clearing to bright sunshine.
John took on the role of Officer of the day and set an anti-clockwise triangular course of two laps. Using the outward start buoy as a turn point of the course and 10 laps were completed.
The wind at times was at the top end of the “A” suit, several “nose overs” occurred which resulted in unpredictable boat control and kept skippers on their toes.
Ben set a very fast pace with 1st or 2nd in seven of the 10 races, to win the day, well done that man.
John recovered well after going to the wrong windward buoy on the 1st and 2nd race and he was the one that set the course! John, that little lapse of cognitive means so much to the rest of us.
Gordon also had good day, showing that consistent results pay off.
Peter’s boat didn’t want to go around the course anymore in race 8 and decided to go and see what the west bank had to offer. (apparently, water in its brain being the reason)
Some were affected by floating weed but a good day was enjoyed by all and with some very competitive sailing.
Thank you, Barbara, for controlling the event and recording the results.