CMYC IOM S7 26 June

A brilliant sailing day was enjoyed by the twelve IOM sailors in 15 to 20 mph NE winds today.

After consideration “A“ rigs were selected which was sometimes just too big for the wind strength but allowed exciting racing and tested boat handling skills.

JT was nominated officer of the day and set a very large anti clockwise course which allowed long windward beats and long run with short reaches at each end. A short start line allowed mixed sailors get a good lead which was challenged by faster sailors over the long two laps allowing places to change even on the last beat to the finish line.

Little weed was caught after the successful first weed clearing last week. Judy sailed her beautiful boat, several sailors had minor gear failure, tested by the strong winds.

Rule observance was generally good with turns taken and touched buoys re-rounded.

It was agreed by sailors who stopped on after the ten races that this was one of the best race days with wonderful wind and a good race course.

Please try and help on the next weed clearing day, yet to be decided because it allows un-impeded sailing.