21st February 2018 @ CMYC

Today saw “Winter” series #6 take place with a good turn out of 8 members with IOMs.

Many had turned up early and get some tuning in and clearly, the additional sailing sessions are starting to show some returns, with Paul Barton, Steve Gleed and Barry Trueman leading the fleet home and taking the top places for the day.

The East / North East, moderate / light wind forced a course change and a clockwise one, at that.

On the whole, the sailing was incident free but the clockwise course caused a few issues with remembering “Port and Starboard” rights.

First – Paul Barton – 12pts
2nd – Steve – 19pts
3rd – Ben – 24pts
4th – Roger P – 26pts
5th – Barry – 30pts
6th – Kevin
7th – Gordon
8th – Garry

The light is staying longer each day so we finally left the lake around 5:30pm.

As there has been a couple of missed events in the “Winter” series. it has been decided to run 2 more during March 2018 to close out the series.

Then the 6 month “Summer” series will start in April and running to the end of September 2018, with a fortnightly event.

Please remember that the CSC access code has been changed.

If you are at a loose end during Saturday, please feel free to come and join us, as we make a start at setting up a regular weekend event.

Looking at the CSC calendar for 2018, it would appear that their Sunday meetings will commence at 11am most weekends so it makes sense to run our sailing on the Saturday.

They will be running a couple of Saturday Opens or Regattas so flexibility is needed, at times.

Until next time.