CMYC Fun Day 3rd August 2019

The first Cotswold Model Club fun day took place today with 11 sailors and 6 partners / wives totalling 17 in all, enjoying the warm and mainly windy conditions without too much weed.
The races took the form of elimination of the slowest and then a restart with the three fastest battling it out in both the one metres and then later the small boats.
A draw then took place and pairs of sailors teamed up to race which proved very interesting and Gordon seemed to find speed throughout the day.
During the lunch Rocka served up some sausage and beef burger rolls, Barbara had baked two wonderful cakes and sold raffle tickets.
Thanks must go to Barbara and Peter for organising the day and providing many of the prizes, Bob kindly donated a bottle of whisky and Cliff for use of his gazebo, Rocka for supplying his mobile village ( monster mobile home ).
All sailors and partners enjoyed the day and look forward to a future fun day.
Roger using his powerful drone took a video at the start of the day of the one metre racing which he hopes to post. Sailors began leaving the lake at around 5 pm.
David reminded us that the footy open will be held next Saturday (10th ) and asked if anyone could help.

The results from the Fun Day

Devil Take The Hindmost IOM
1st Kevin 33
2nd Peter 44
3rd Ben 27
4th Garry 12
1st Ben 27 and Peter 44
2nd Kevin 33 and Garry 12
Small Yachts Devil Take The Hindmost
1st Cliff 26
2nd Gordon 34
3rd Barry 68
1st Gordon 34 and Peter 7
2nd Kevin 11 and Ben 27
3rd Roger 133 and Bill 3
Also taking part were Rocka 750 and David 46
6 Prizes, donated for the raffle which along with donations for cake raised £57
We are looking at holding another Fun Day on Saturday September 28th providing there is enough interest.

To download a full report with pictures click here

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