21 march 2018 – end of winter series

Hi All,

What a rollercoaster the weather has been recently.

It was good to see the warm sun again and a fresh breeze, strengthening through the day.

The good weather has started to bring out some of our ‘lesser seen’ members so hopefully with the clocks changing this weekend, the numbers will start to increase at the water again.

David popped in the set up his “Footy” for the weekend event and he stayed on to help observing and scoring the IOM event, Thank you David.

Bob also popped in, and hopes to join us in the every near future, to get some metres sailed with his “Rubix” IOM.

And Mark and Karen, visited again this week, with their latest acquisition, a Trevor Bramforth “Panther” IOM, as he wants to join in the fun we all seem to be having.

Course set – check !, Score sheet ready – check !, Starter ready – check !, Boats on the water – check !

8 IOMs took to the water for the last of the Winter Series and some good, reasonably clean racing started with several skippers taking a 1st through the 12 races of the day.

Results for the last event were

1st – Kevin – 18pts

2nd – Paul B – 23pts

3rd – John T – 23pts

4th – Cliff – 26pts

5th – Roger P – 28pts

6th – Gordon

7th – Steve

8th – Garry

So the final positions for the “Winter ” series,

with the addition of the 2 events in March and 2 cancelations due to weather 6 events were sailable and only 4 were needed to count for the series.

Unfortunately, Cliff, Rodney and Ben did not make the 4 sailed days but 8 did – thank you for the support through the poor weather and all are improving their ability in a competitive environment.

Things are certainly looking good for the “Summer” calendar.

1st – John T – 6pts

2nd – Kevin – 7pts

3rd – Roger P – 13pts

4th – Paul B – 15pts

5th – Steve – 18pts

6th – Gordon – 18pts

7th – Barry – 23pts

8th – Garry – 32pts

Well done John T, you have earned the ‘3 foot length of rope’ handicap for the “Summer” series.

If you have not had your say on the “Summer ” calendar, there is still time so please get in touch.

Also dust off your “Small” yachts, for the mid week or weekend events.

And if its “Social” sailing then any event is open to you, there is plenty of space for everyone.

Finally, please spread the word that “Radio Sailing” is happening at CMYC and new members and guests are welcome.

See you next week.

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