17th January 2018 @ CMYC.

Hi All,

So much to report this time so sit back and hold on tight.

Roger P has supplied a set of, new for 2018, membership card / name badges, if you have not already collected yours then it is stored in the caravan for your collection on your next visit.

If you could remember to use it when at the lake, it will help less frequent visitors and any new members and guests feel part of the club.

Thanks must go to Roger for a great job well done – thank you.

11 members braved the weather forecast, with a good SW wind making some interesting conditions for the 9 – IOMs and a RG65.

Some members have been getting in some extra practise over the last few days and some racy sailing was taking place until the shout went out

“My boat has disappeared”

Paul’s IOM had been over powered on a run and went straight under, not to pop back up (something must have failed, for the yacht and sink so fast).

The “Rescue” boat was launched but rowing was not proving successful so returned to the jetty to fit the outboard.

Two search sessions were undertaken but the choppy water surface and cloud cover limiting the available light, visibility was poor and the search was called off.

Another attempt will be undertaken when the weather conditions improve.

But until then a “yellow” ASBO with a “B” rig marked with a number “8” is still at large.

Paul will be happy for any information that may lead to the recovery of the yacht. (Bob C has suggested the Swindon sub-aqua club and Garry has suggested a “Fish Finder” ( I was unaware of fish being trained to locate missing items like canines but he insisted that a “Fish Finder” has been used elsewhere)).

Those who managed to stay afloat had a thrilling session, with even Bob C’s “Rubix” getting a outing and the recovering Ben found his interest in yachting refreshed.

And with the sun high in the sky and the nights getting slightly longer a great day was had by most skippers.

I took time to chat with the CSC maintenance crew, on the topic of weed management.

In 2017, a CSC committee member was reviewing the weed management and concluded that the current system (coloured dye) had improved the conditions and would be continued in 2018.

At present, there is no plans to take any other actions.

It was suggested, that I make a representation to the 2018 CSC committee when it is elected, at the end of this month.

So we may need to look into this ourselves, so “thinking caps” on and start eating the porridge.

The current situation may just be the weed dying back, in the colder winter months and will pass as time goes by.. (wishful thinking ?).

Extra sailing – Paul and Barry have lead a couple of extra sessions, during the week and if you would like to join them please get in touch with either of them so they can let you know when they are going.

Paul will clearly want to go more frequently to locate his missing yacht so bankside assistance will also be needed.

Weekend sailing – I will try and set up a date for next month (February 2018) and see if we can get enough numbers to run a regular weekend sail.

Many of the “Winter” series at other venues, end in March, the clocks will change and the weather will be improving so hopefully April 2018 will see more interest.

The “Mad March Hare” Footy event is 7 weeks away, on Saturday 10th March 2018, so anyone who would like to take part or assist will help the event to be a success for the club but there is more than enough water available for a weekend sailing day at the same time.

Until next time.

All the best.

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