6th December 2018 @ CMYC

Hi All,

Firstly, the caravan and it’s contents were checked over and other than some mindless damage, all appears intact.
The catch to the front locker has been broken and is now screwed down.
The side window overlooking the lake was forced and the latch has been broken, it is now fixed closed with a metal bracket.
Unfortunately, some blue spray paint has been discharged on a window, cabinet top, cupboard door and a seat cushion.
Through time this will be removed or fade.
Thanks must go to Paul Barton who secured the caravan yesterday and continued with some permanent repairs today.

“Social” sailing, with a moderate SW wind greeting us as we assembled and started trimming the A-rigs for a good day’s sailing.
7 – IOMs took to the water ( only 1 set up with a B rig).
Quickly a course was picked and the sailing begun.
The wind strength increased and the gusts become more frequent, others started to change to B rigs.
Those who braved it out on A rigs certainly got a “full on” sailing experience about yacht handling with the conditions at the top end of A rigs.

The annual fees gathering process is underway so thank you to those who have already paid, it certainly makes the process less “hard work” with your help.

The IOM “Winter” series will be starting next week on Wednesday, 13th December 2017 at 1pm and will run through to the end of February 2018.
Set up and “Social” sailing will be available before the racing commences.

Until next time.

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